Privacy Statement

At York Region Psychotherapy & Counselling Services (YRPCS) everything discussed between you and your counsellor is confidential and protected. This means that your information will not be released to anyone without first obtaining your consent. This confidentiality extends to all issues except those that the counsellor is required by law to report. These exceptions include:

If there is reason to believe that a child under the age of 16 is at risk for abuse or neglect.
If there is reason to believe that providing information to a third party will eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of you seriously harming yourself or another individual.
If legal proceedings require the release of counselling documentation.
If you were sexually abused by a regulated health professional.

YRPCS counsellors may consult with team members about clients to obtain supervision and uphold accountability. The limited information shared will be used only to enhance and improve the counselling process. All matters of confidentiality and professional ethics will be respected in this process.

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