* Women’s Empowerment Group

Women’s Empowerment Group is not defined by the issue(s), rather by the strength of its members. We all want to feel acknowledged, understood, and respected. Where better to find it than amongst like-minded women who can both identify with your situation and offer feedback that helps uncover potential, discover meaning and restore hope. This group covers topics including self-esteem and confidence, resilience and assertiveness.

* Moving Beyond Separation/Divorce

Moving Beyond Separation & Divorce Group provides each participant the support and encouragement needed at this time. Through frank and honest discussion, we explore the transitions and changes involved in the process of a relationship coming to an end. This is a forum for both men and women to express their concerns, confusion and fear of moving forward without a partner. Together, we kick open the door of possibility to uncover one’s true potential for hope and happiness.

Please note that groups are run on an as-needed basis. Focus of groups are also determined by expressed interest of clients. If you are interested in taking a group please send us an email and let us know! 

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