Q. Is psychotherapy/counselling right for me?
A. Many people will benefit from psychotherapy or counselling at some point in their lives. People will often seek help when they have a sense that their lives are not balanced or in harmony with how they want to live. If this reflects how you are feeling then psychotherapy/ counselling might be the right option for you.

Q. Is counselling confidential and private?
A. Yes. Confidentiality is crucial in order for you to trust your counsellor and talk openly about issues you are experiencing. There are, however, exceptions when legally we must report. Please refer to privacy statement for more information regarding limits of confidentiality.

Q. Does OHIP or do my benefits cover the cost of counselling?
A. Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover our counselling fees. Many health plans do cover the costs of counselling with a registered psychotherapist, however, this may depend on your particular plan. Check with your insurance provider about details of coverage.

Q. How can I pay for my counselling?
A. YRPCS accepts cash, cheques, and all major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER). If you are going through insurance, you are responsible for payment of each session and getting reimbursed through your insurance.

Q. Can I get a letter written for court or Children’s Aid Society?
A. Yes, we will provide a letter confirming your registration,  attendance, and completion of psychotherapy/counselling upon  payment of services requested or provided.