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* Multi-Couple Enhanced Communication Skills: Women’s Empowerment Group – Taking Names For Mar. 2017

Women’s Empowerment Group is not defined by the issue(s), rather by the strength of its members. We all want to feel acknowledged, understood, and respected. Where better to find it than amongst like-minded women who can both identify with your situation and offer feedback that helps uncover potential, discover meaning and restore hope. This group covers issues of anxiety, depression, relationships, self-esteem and confidence and assertiveness.

* The Mid-Life Crisis Myth: A Men’s Group STARTING Early March, 2015
2 Spots Still Available

The Men’s Mid-Life Crisis Myth Group is for men of all ages. This group challenges the myths and stereotypes that men face and deal with on a day to day basis. Whether it is job-related stress, family responsibilities, an uncertain future or seeking internal happiness, this group provides men what men really want… to talk about it without judgement. Group to begin April 2017. Register now.

* Moving Beyond Separation/Divorce

Moving Beyond Separation & Divorce Group provides each participant the support and encouragement needed at this time. Through frank and honest discussion, we explore the transitions and changes involved in the process of a relationship coming to an end. This is a forum for both men and women to express their concerns, confusion and fear of moving forward without a partner. Together, we kick open the door of possibility to uncover one’s true potential for hope and happiness.


Call to have your name added to the list of any one of our groups. 

Group dates will be determined when we have enough registered participants.





  1. Jodi thompson says:

    Please add me into the Moving beyond separation/divorce group.
    What are the costs?

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